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Using URL Rewrite in ASP.Net to improve your site's performance

To improve the performance of our site, we took help of Google "PageSpeed Insights" and among other things (like compression of JavaScript / CSS) it reported that some static file (like images / js / css) needed some extra care. The report created by "PageSpeed Insights" suggested that the HTTP response headers for these files did not have any cache control related information for the browser. So client-side caching was not being used properly.

Login (SSH) attempts on our server by script-kiddies

Like any server exposed to internet, our server also gets its fair share of attacks from all over the world. Since I am not sharing the IP address of the server here, I feel it safe to share the experience.

The server is behind a firewall which redirects SSH connections to the BBB server which hosts all our Git repositories. The BBB runs on Ubuntu and has its own firewall (ufw) running too. We have disabled password based authentication in ssh and use 4096 bit keys.

Going Green! GillSoft switches to Beaglebone Black to save electricity

In tune with the awareness about the environment, GillSoft also reviewed the current usage of resources. Saving electricity came out to be at the top of the list. In Ireland, we use electricity generated using thermal energy. This not only depletes the natural resources but also adds to Ireland's carbon-footprint!

Our development server was a dual core AMD Athlon X64 based server running on Linux. It was used for following purposes

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