Desktop Application Generator

With GillSoft Desktop Application Generator (C#), you can minimise the time to start a new project because you get all the required components created for you in a few seconds. This way you get more time to concentrate on implementing business logic and testing. This helps in delivering a robust application in short period of time.

GSSalesManager was developed using the GillSoft Desktop Application Generator in less than a week of coding. This gave us more time for testing. The application has been running for more than 4 years without any bug. Seriously, 0 (zero) bug!

Using GillSoft Application Generator, you get a basic application with all the screens created along with business objects. You can add business rules, format screens and implement the unit tests subsequently. This does not stop here. You can keep on re-generating code as your database structure evolves during the development phase. Your existing business rules related code will remain unaffected and so will be the screens. Only data access layer gets regenerated along with any new screens.

The GillSoft Application Generator (C#) allows you to create applications which are based on time-tested technologies which are discussed below:

  • .Net Framework: This is the basic requirement of all the applications created by the application generator. Known for its stability and features, almost every application created for Windows (TM) OS is created using .Net framework.
  • NHibernate: Not unknown to the world of .Net developers, it forms the data access layer.
  • Reports (Using our own Reporting Engine): This again allows you to design your reports easily using Visual Studio itself. Reports can be exported to PDF for distribution.

Apart from above following additional features are also available:

  • Installer: The generated code also contains files to allow you to create installer (.MSI) for distribution of application. You may add / remove components later on as needed.
  • Unit Testing: A separate project is also created for writing unit tests so that you can minimise errors in code and get better test coverage.

Every application created has features like:

  • Data Backup & Restore: No database application is complete without the facility of backup and restore. Every application created has facility of creating time-stamped backups so that you can get your systems running again after a break-down.
  • Easy migration from one database to another: Changing database backend? Moving from SQL Server to Oracle? No problems. Just backup the data using the application itself, configure the application to connect to Oracle and restore the data. It takes care of creating schema also!
  • Wide choice of database back-ends: Every application is capable of running on a stand-alone machine by using embedded database (does not require and SQL server running in the background) and also in networked environment using industry standard database servers like MS-SQL Server, Oracle and even MySQL!