Generate Code

The code generator has been developed as a command line tool to make automation of task of the task easier.

The command line used to generate the initial code is as following:

C:\Dev\000-DevTools\CastleARCodeGen.exe -s:.\SQLEXPRESS -d:GSSalesManager -n:GSSalesManager -t:csproj -o:c:\dev\GSSalesManager -custommap:CustomMap.xml

You will get complete details of all the parameters in the help file accompanying the product. One parameter "-custommap" is a very useful feature which is described here.

The code generated is saved in the folder "c:\dev\GSSalesManager" (defined by -o parameter).

The generated code is a complete .Net WinForms application which can be compiled and used right-away for basic data entry. The application allows you to use Firebird or MS-SQL back-end right away. The "Select Configuration" dialog box allows you to have multiple databases / backends for the same application to work with.

Select Configuration

This comes in handy where same application may be used to deal with databases. For example, an accountant may want to have separate database for each client. This feature is not compulsory, you may change this behaviour so that application will always use one backend/database always.

Any number of configurations can be added.

Select Configuration

Following is the screenshot of the main screen of the application. You can see the ribbon menu with buttons. Each button opens up the module for the underlying table. You may add/remove buttons to this ribbon as required.

Main Screen