Sample Application In Action

As mentioned earlier, the sample application is ready for basic data entry.

Also please note that the layout of the screens will need some work to suit individual requirements.

In the example, we clicked on "City" button to invoke the data entry form for tbl_city. The search dialog is shown where you may search for existing city (more on customising search later), or add a new one. In this example, we clicked in "Add".

Data Entry Form For City

Please note that the screen already shows some data entry related messages. These are based on "not null" settings for the respective columns.

Two controls worth noting here are

  • Lookup control for many-to-one relation - County
  • Grid control for one-to-many relation - Addresses etc

The lookup control allows you to search for existing County or invoke data entry module for County to add a new one!

Data Entry Form For County

There is a lookup control for Country in this screen to allow searching / adding Country.

The grid control allows you to add rows for one-to-many related tables.

For example in the above data entry form for county, clicking on "Add" button for cities grid would invoke data entry form for City and user could add as many cities as needed.

The generated screens allow any depth of addition of records by invoking suitable data entry screens.